Education, Coaching & Confidential Peer Advisory Groups For Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs



Education, Mentoring & Confidential Peer Advisory Groups

We help high-integrity leaders make great decisions that benefit their companies, families and communities.

IGNITE Academy brings together successful CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs into confidential peer advisory groups of none competing and none conflicting businesses. Together, they openly discuss their toughest challenges and biggest opportunities. They share insights, identify blind spots and offer agenda-free advice from those who’ve faced similar challenges. In addition to this, our members get to grow, prosper and elevate their success through coaching, mentoring, education and accountability. Your peer advisory group is from none conflicting or competing industries, everything is confidential and this group of experienced business leaders will become your inner circle away from the boardroom. They will often become your confidants and life long friends. We also offer coaching, mentoring and host a variety of educational courses around different aspects of business and leadership to ensure constant progression and growth in your business and personal life. It started in 2008 when Sanjeev Desour gathered six entrepreneurs from non-competing industries around a table in London to help solve each other’s challenges. The formula worked, members of his group made better decisions, achieved greater results and outperformed their competition. These members have access to the most comprehensive suite of services, coaching and mentoring on the issues that matter in business today.


Coaching alone can’t compete with IGNITE’s proven approach to leadership and entrepreneurial development.  No one else offers a more comprehensive method for making better decisions, getting better results and becoming a better leader, business owners and entrepreneur.
Our comprehensive platform for success features three core elements: valuable perspectives from a trusted group of peers, professional guidance from an accomplished business leader (Chair), and deep insights from subject matter experts. It’s a proven approach that helps member companies grow 2.2x faster than non-member companies of similar size. For more than 15 years, owners of small and medium sized businesses and their top executives have relied upon our unique coaching model to be better leaders, make better decisions and get better results.



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